Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obscure Christmas Special

I finally saw the CP Holiday train! It's an elusive bastard on an elusive railroad; in my case, anyway. I have tried many times without success. There was a big fiasco back in 2007 that resulted in me and Dad going to Elstow. I heard from my friend Roman that the Holiday Train arrives several hours earlier than I thought, so I talked my Aunt Marlene into making a harty detour past the train yards at Sutherland on the way to school this morning. We found him out by the Washing facility on Grey Avenue, and I took some pictures. I know, some of them are pretty shitty, but it was -30 out.

Someone had their trailer moved. I'll bet they're here to see the Holiday Train too!

The train-themed festivities were not scheduled until 11 o' clock. Seeing as this is Tuesday, it's incredibly stupid, as everyone will be at work, or at school, like me. I immagine the collective that was there today was very small, and consisted of housewives, old people, a couple basement dwellers, and possibly some livestock. I think it's a shame, I like Wide Mouth Mason.

Thanks for checking in, and keep your eyes open. The train is still going west!

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